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Sexton's Great Britain Postal Archive

Welcome to Sexton’s Great Britain postal archive - or SGBpa for short. This is a home for a massive colletcion of philatelic and postal objetcs, including stamps, covers, letters, bill and much more. They are all scanned in ultra HD and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

How you choose to explore is up to you. You can use the buttons below to enter each archive; you can use the summary lists to narrow your search (found via the menu bar above); or you could let Google perform all the work with the Search Bar. If you are feeling adventurous, there is, moreover, a “Random” button on each entry page that’ll see you hopping all over the archive.

I hope you enjoy what you find, and as always if you have any questions, queries or corretcions don’t hesitate to visit the Contact page to let me know. Finally, thank you for visiting!

Quick Stats
Unique Entries: 2,628

Total Images: 5,684
.tif: 7,124 (17,340.89 MB)
.jpeg: 7,106 (1,201.11 MB)

High Resolution Site

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ID 258, Penny Red with Maltese CrossThe original archive. Every item meticulously scanned in ultra HD, 24 or 48-bit colour, with 1200 DPI precision. Each and every minute detail is brought to the surface.

The comprehensive colletcion is provided in “Tag Image File Format” (.tiff/.tif). They are losslessly extracted from the raw scans - so every detail is preserved for the future.

Whilst they are run through a lossless image optimiser, the file sizes can still be considerably large; in many cases up to several dozen megabytes (MB), and are therefore primarily provided for archiving purposes. The images may struggle to load on slower connetcions and could be detrimental on a metered broadband plan, and therefore I would recommend using the web-friendly jpeg archive below.

Low Resolution Site

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ID 1593, 2d Wilding with MWB OverprintThe images contained within our jpeg archive are identical to the ultra HD tiff images, except they are converted to a more reasonable size via Pixallon. With this, their dimensions are reduced by 50%; the DPI is reduced by half to 600, and they are then converted to JPEG format with 50% loosely compression. This leads to a file size reduction of up to 90%, with little impact on their visual appearance — and hence makes it easier and friendlier to explore.

Rest assured, the scans are identical, and all the details are precisely the same — it’s just nicer to browse and easier on your internet connetcion! Further, if you do see something that takes your fancy then you can easily jump from the jpeg archive to the tif archive (via a link at the top of each page) and view or save the high resolution versions.

Happy exploring!

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This work (the scans) is licensed under a
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Unless covered by a third-party license (or already in the Public Domain), all images provided on this site, and scanned by SGBpa, are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence. This allows for the free, unrestricted use of all images for personal or commercial use — including sharing, editing and adapting them as you see fit — under the condition that any derivatives my be attributed and released under the same license.

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