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Welcome to the SGBpa blog. Here is an array of articles concerning British philatelic history, guides to identifying stamps, and a general mishmash of interesting or fascinating stamp-related tidbits.

Hopefully you will enjoy what you find, and if you do don’t forget to share and spread the knowledge!

Now Updating Reference Numbers with Four Stamp Catalogues

[May 3rd, 2021] There's soon to be some changes with the authoritative references number we use in our entries. We'll be moving away from Stanley Gibbons alone, and making use of three more catalogues.

In this article: A run down on the four catalogues we'll be using: The Stanley Gibbons Concise, the Gault Catalogue, the BPS publications and, of course, the amazing J. Barefoot's works on Revenue and Fiscal stamps.


Invisible Text Revealed in a Half-penny Stamp's Gum

[April 17th, 2021] Sometimes things appear when you least expect them to. For example, when adjusting the colour of an otherwise unremarkable stamp to bring out the watermark only to find a “ghost of the past”.

In this article: A quick run down of what was found and a little bit about what it tells us. More than anything it’ll pique your wonderment and give you a moment to pause about the strangeness of this world.


A Quick Reference Guide to Identifying Wildings

[April 11th, 2021] Ever found it a little difficult to identify Wildings? Perhaps like me you get frustrated with all the flicking back and fourth in the catalogue? If so, this little guide is for you.

In this article: Full written guide, a quick reference table and plenty of images to help you differentiate the seven different issues of Wildings, as seen in the Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue system.


The Naming History of Major British Printers

[April 1st, 2021] What’s in a name? When it comes to British Stamp printers we’re all guilty of shortening their “official” names. A quick look through our own archive and you’ll probably see! However if we wish to be pedantic - or historically accurate - we should at least try to get them right. However this isn’t always easy given their semi-frequent change of name…

In this article: A brief guide to the names of major printers, including Harrison and Sons, De La Rue, and Bradbury Wilkinson. With plenty of extra reading contained within the footnotes.


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