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Fiscal Stamps
(sorted by ID number)

Below is a comprehensive, full list of all fiscal stamps held within the archive. This includes distinctive stamps for tax, bankruptcy, Revenue and Customs, excise duty, and much more.

Image ID # Cat # Set Monarch FacVa Condition
ID 941, F9 (1d, Queen Victoria)941F9Postal Fiscal StampsQueen Victoria1dMint (Inland Revenue One Penny (wmk Large Crown))
ID 996, F23 (1d, Queen Victoria)996F23Inland Revenue FiscalsQueen Victoria1dUsed (Inland Revenue)
ID 1222, F22 (1d, Queen Victoria)1222F221867-81 Fiscals (Anchor)Queen Victoria1dUsed (Inland Revenue One Penny)
ID 1342 (6d, King Edward VII)1342KEVII Bankruptcy FiscalsKing Edward VII6dUsed (Bankruptcy)
ID 1343 (1s, King George V)1343KGV FiscalsKing George V1sUsed (Contract Note)
ID 1344 (2s, King George V)1344KGV FiscalsKing George V2sUsed (Consular Service)
ID 2207 (1s, Queen Victoria)2207QV FiscalsQueen Victoria1sUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2208 (4d, Queen Victoria)2208QV FiscalsQueen Victoria4dUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2209 (10s, Queen Victoria)2209QV FiscalsQueen Victoria10sUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2210 (1s , Queen Victoria)2210QV FiscalsQueen Victoria1s Used (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2211 (6d, Queen Victoria)2211QV FiscalsQueen Victoria6dUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2212 (5s, Queen Victoria)2212QV FiscalsQueen Victoria5sUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2213 (6d, Queen Victoria)2213QV FiscalsQueen Victoria6dUsed (INLAND REVENUE)
ID 2214 (1d, King Edward VII)2214KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII1dUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2215 (2d, King Edward VII)2215KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII2dUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2216 (2d, Queen Victoria)2216QV FiscalsQueen Victoria2dUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2217 (3d, Queen Victoria)2217QV FiscalsQueen Victoria3dUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2218 (6d, Queen Victoria)2218QV FiscalsQueen Victoria6dUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2219 (3s, Queen Victoria)2219QV FiscalsQueen Victoria3sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2220 (2s, King Edward VII)2220KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII2sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2221 (3s, King Edward VII)2221KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII3sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2222 (3s, King Edward VII)2222KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII3sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2223 (5s, King Edward VII)2223KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII5sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2224 (£2 10s, King Edward VII)2224KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII£2 10sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2225 (4s, King Edward VII)2225KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII4sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2226 (2d , King Edward VII)2226KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII2d Used (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2227 (10s; 2s, King Edward VII)2227KEVII FiscalsKing Edward VII10s; 2sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2228 (1s, )22281sUsed (EMBOSSED REVENUE)
ID 2229 (2s, )22292sUsed (EMBOSSED REVENUE)
ID 2230 (2d, Queen Victoria)2230QV FiscalsQueen Victoria2dUsed (JUDICATURE FEES)
ID 2231 (1s, King George V)2231KEVII FiscalsKing George V1sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2232 (5s, King George V)2232KGV FiscalsKing George V5sUsed (FOREIGN BILL)
ID 2233 (10s, Queen Victoria)2233QV FiscalsQueen Victoria10sUsed (CONSULAR SERVICE)
ID 2234 (1s, Queen Victoria)2234QV FiscalsQueen Victoria1sUsed (CONTRACT NOTE)
ID 2235, F19 (1s, Queen Victoria)2235F19QV FiscalsQueen Victoria1sUsed (INLAND REVENUE)
ID 2236, F4 (1d, Queen Victoria)2236F4QV FiscalsQueen Victoria1dUsed (INLAND REVENUE)
ID 1277 (10s; 2s, Queen Elizabeth II)1277Queen Elizabeth II FiscalsQueen Elizabeth II10s; 2sUsed (Contract Note)

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